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The Van Meter Visitor Book, Unexplained Creatures
Was the Van Meter Visitor nothing more than a Whooping Crane?
We step by step go through the possibilities of each potential in the book.
What are we left with after every other possibility is left?
Pick up the book to find the startling answers!

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The Van Meter Visitor book cover, layout by Kevin Lee Nelson.
Co-Author Chad Lewis Researches Van Meter Iowa Visitor
Chad Lewis investigates Van Meter Iowa hoping to dig up more information surrounding the mysterious creature sighted in 1903!
Tracking the Van Meter Visitor Plaster Cast Potentials
While researching the creature case of 1903 Van Meter, it was discovered that plaster casts were reportedly taken of the creature's prints.  We investigate what the descriptions may tell us about the Van Meter Visitor!
The 1903 Van Meter Visitor Iowa Unexplained Mystery
The Van Meter Iowa Bank holds significance in the unexplained visitor case.  Read the book to discover what happens at this bank!
The Van Meter Visitor Investigated by Back Roads Lore
Every good investigator will try to rule out misidentifications while attempting to explain the unexplained!  We dug up some really odd known-creatures.  Read the book to see if anything fits the mystery!
The Terrified Town of Van Meter Iowa 1903 Mystery
A historic portrait of Van Meter Iowa near the time of the unexplained sightings in 1903.
Ultraterrestrial Sketch based on Eyewitness Accounts of The Van Meter Visitor Creature
Sketch based on eyewitness accounts!  Was The Van Meter Visitor an Ultraterrestrial of intelligent origins? See what our investigations turn up in the book!
Co-Author Noah Voss Investigates the 1903 Van Meter Visitor Case
No arm-chair authoring here.  The best part of writing a book for us is to get out into the field and see what danger we can't dig up trying to discover answers.  Here we see co-author Noah Voss as he searches through the woods surrounding Van Meter for any clue.
The Van Meter Visitor Book Release Presentation
Working with the good folks of Van Meter Iowa to bring in tourists to their town for our free book release event open to the public!

Weather Data for the 1903 Van Meter Visitor Case
Thorough investigation of anything surrounding the 1903 events was conducted including over a half dozen locations all around Van Meter Iowa that recorded the areas 1903 weather.

The Van Meter Visitor Book Researches the Mystery Sightings
Large Whooping Cranes are used by debunker's as an source for The Van Meter Visitor Monster.  See what our objective research turned up!
Van Meter Iowa Today, Whispers of The Van Meter Visitor
Beautiful Van Meter Iowa today in modern times.  Included in the book is our adventures had while traveling through and around the town during our research and investigation.
The old Van Meter Iowa area Mine, Tile and Brick Factory
Another historic shot of Van Meter around the time of the mystery visitations in 1903 by the winged beast.  This shows the Tile & Brick Factory on the edge of town near the old mine home to its own haunted ghost stories. Read the book to discover just how bizarre this case gets at this very location!
Co-Author Kevin Lee Nelson Researching The Van Meter Visitor
Co-Author Kevin Lee Nelson out in the wilds of the Midwest investigating the unknown.
Possible Explanation Source of The Van Meter Visitor
An odd looking Hornbill bird with a large growth above its top beak.  Read the book to reveal the truths about the Van Meter Visitor's own horn and startling eyewitness accounts!
The Raccoon River in Mysterious Van Meter Iowa
The Raccoon River that runs through Van Meter Iowa has its own unexplained history of odd and mysterious sightings.  No stone is left unturned inside The Van Meter Visitor - A True & Mysterious Encounter With The Unknown!

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